Pain. Everyone gets hurt, and obviously it pains. Pain is like a weakness. It can break you, if you let it overcome. Pain is something you can’t stop, something which isn’t in your hands.

“Pain is inevitable but the suffering is optional,” this means so much. Pain can’t be stopped. It can’t be removed or cured by some therapy or a doctor, it’s not an illness.

Pain is something which holds you back from all the joys and laughter in your life. And you, yes you, are the only person who can get away with it. Not your best friend, not your mother, no-one’s going to help you get out of it. Like I said, the pain is something that can’t be removed but the suffering. It pains, but why suffer?

Sitting in your room, thinking about what went wrong why it hurts so much, letting the pain overcome you, letting it take control of your body, you can make all that go away. Don’t suffer, don’t think about it. Move on with your life. Forget the past, its history. Think about the future, the new opportunities in life, how the past never really mattered. You can’t change what’s already done so get over it.

And I know all this is easier said than done, but at some point you have to realise that this is for your good and betterment and it will only lead to you coming out as a better and more stronger person.  

Search for more opportunities in life, things that make you happy and make you want to live with yourself because in the end you’re the only one that’s going to be there to take care of you.

Trust me when I say this, when you get older and more mature you’ll be laughing at these things, wondering why you ever let the pain conquer you, it’ll all make you wonder how immature you would have been to cry over this pain.

So be you. Be Happy with who you are because like I’ve said before you’re amazing and you get through it all. Carpe diem, because you’ll never ever have this moment back again. Value it.

Also this is now going to be a joint blog with one of my really close friends.

Yours Lovingly

Chahat and Ana x



Do you ever feel lost even when you’re surrounded by a pool of people? Do you ever feel like you don’t have anything to live for? Do you ever cry in bed because you’re just so tired of being alone or because of everything that’s been happening?

Well let it out, let it all out. Cry if it makes you cry. Be angry and scream it out or just let it out by putting your feelings into words. Just don’t keep it in, it’s going to continue to kill you from the inside and then you won’t know how to control it.

For some people it might be their anxiety or all the negativity that surrounds them.

The negativity, when you feel like everyone around you is judging you or is just being fake around you.

You don’t get the love you deserve.

Everyone tells you that you’re overthinking and that you should stop.

But it’s just so hard isn’t it?

You want what you deserve but who will give it you?

Everyone says you’ll find someone. But when will you find that someone, your source of happiness?

Why are you so dependent on someone else for your happiness?

People might say “Find it yourself, find your own bliss.”

But how can you make yourself happy or find your own bliss when you don’t love yourself enough.

And even if you try to love yourself, you can’t find reasons to do so.

But to be honest, I would say be dependent on someone that cares about you, that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

Are you scared of losing your source of happiness?

Well don’t be because you know what, to win something you’ve got to lose something.

And even if this source of happiness is temporary, grab it right now before thinking anymore because happiness is the priciest thing I know and if you lose this chance you might not get it again.

But, you might think what about the sadness that comes after, well stop thinking about it and live for this chance, because you’ll get back up somehow, because you’re strong and I know it, because you get through it all and you deserve your happiness.

So just go on, keep finding your happy sources and move on. Until you find that one person that’s your permanent source of happiness.

Because life’s like this one bumpy car ride, with all these ups and downs. But these ups and downs are what make your life worth living.

And for the people who love themselves and know how to, you don’t know how lucky you are to find that happiness in yourself.

But in the end it all comes down to where you find your happiness.

Until the next time.

Yours Lovingly,

Chahat x